Cities for our future challenge

RICS - | 2018

topic: Resource scarcity 

case study : TOKYO

Brief : How can cities like Tokyo, with declining populations, 
        attract the talent they need to remain competitive?

My strategy is to save the role of the WOMEN AS FUTURE MOTHERS to increase Japan population and making men society looking at women in this way

To help women to get the right to work and have children we have to plan the right space to do it!


Help women to get the right to work and have children is possible only if men agree!


  • Create new workspaces dedicated and planned for mother-child needs to make women able to work and take care of babies without losing their job!
  • Create new work places dedicated to women that will fit better with their time and role of mother



  • create PINK FLOORS in the business buildings dedicated to mother-child

  • create PINK DISTRICTS dedicated to female entrepreneurship

  • create PINK LANES dedicated to adults ( men and women ) with strollers 

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Ambito del progetto

Office Building and HQ Urban and Landscape